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Yahoo MessengerYahoo Messenger is the fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos and animated GIFs instantly. Plus, now you can unsend messages – yep, you can take it all back! Instant, high resolution photo sharing lets you share your entire weekend at once in a photo carousel. Send a message to the wrong person? Feeling self-conscious about something you shared? The unsend feature can help avoid an embarrassing moment by taking back what you sent. Tap “Unsend” to remove it from the conversation.

The new Yahoo Messenger is first an iOS and Android app that allows you to talk to other people and even form group conversations just as if you would do in any other modern messaging app.

But it is not only all about texting. You can do other things like sending pictures – both compressing photos or downloading their original size.

Yahoo has also other key features. For example, you are able to unsend messages if you regret sending them – your message will be deleted from the recipient’s phone and the servers of the company. And if you make it quickly, the person you sent the message will not even notice he/she received it.

Another thing is that you can like messages. It lets you discreetly like messages, which is more convenient in a group conversation as many persons can like a photo or a message.

The new version also allows you to send hundreds of photos to your recipients at the same time.

Yahoo Messenger also has a new “smart” contacts system which means that it will “understand” the relationships between you and your contacts: in case the app goes offline, it will store any unsent messages and automatically will send them out when the app goes online again.

And finally, you can send GIFs directly from the app. Yahoo owns one of the most popular GIF database in the world, Tumblr, so when you press the GIF button, the app lets you search Tumblr by keywords and browse ny available GIFs. Generally, it looks like Facebook Messenger’s new GIF button that lets you search Giphy and Riffsy.

Yahoo Messenger Features:

  • Start one-on-one conversations or create group chats simply using your contacts.
  • Yes, take backs! Tap “Unsend” to remove photos and messages from a conversation
  • Instantly share lots of high-resolution photos at once
  • Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel
  • Express yourself with animated GIFs
  • “Like” messages and photos in the conversation
  • Offline/low connectivity mode – anything you share will be posted once you’re back online
  • Optimized for use with TalkBack


Size: 10.8 MB

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