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Raxco InstantRecoveryRaxco InstantRecovery takes snapshots of full system images to instantly restore the entire working Windows environment after a system failure. It provides bootable system snapshots that allow the instant recovery of desktops, laptops and servers – including data secured via unique patented Data Anchoring – in the time it takes to reboot.

In the event of a virus/Trojan attack, failed system patch or application update or any software-related event that renders the system corrupt or unbootable, InstantRecovery restores the system to its original operating condition instantly upon reboot. In summary, Raxco InstantRecovery is a productivity tool, since it significantly reduces the Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) a failed system.

It enables the end user to continue using their computer, and IT staff to quickly repair system crashes, rather than spend time on rebuilding. In this context, it is a “high availability” product. InstantRecovery can immediately determine if the problem with the failed system is hardware rather than software related.

If a critical OS or application file becomes corrupted, or Windows will not boot the user is left to recover the system using traditional methods. This ranges from implementing a pre-determined recovery procedure from whatever backup strategy exists, to a complete reload of the OS and all of the current updates, applications, settings, data, and etc. Time to recover the system varies with the method used, and generally ranges from 4-hours to a day.

Raxco InstantRecovery Key features:

  • Instantly recover failed desktops, laptops and servers
  • Restore systems, applications and data in the time it takes to reboot
  • Freeze capability can restore a system to the same snapshot every time
  • Patented Data Anchoring recovers selected files and folders in their most recent state using any snapshot
  • 6 distinct advantages over using Windows System Restore
  • Enforces compliance for standardized desktops
  • Multiple snapshots/differentials
  • Flexible scheduling for snapshots and archives
  • Export/import for backup and archiving
  • Password-protected snapshot groups; to restrict snapshot users.
  • Support for Microsoft BitLocker disk encryption.

“Freeze” Snapshot Capability

The Freeze capability in Raxco InstantRecovery makes it ideal for environments where a standardized desktop is in use or for kiosks like ATMs or ticketing machines. The InstantRecovery Freeze option maintains a primary snapshot and an archive. Every time the system reboots it uses the primary snapshot and restores the system to its original state.

Patented Data Anchoring and Recovery

InstantRecovery’s patented Data Anchoring technology sets it apart from other imaging solutions. One of the issues with recovery from images is that the data is only as good as the last image. With Raxco InstantRecovery users can recover their system and selected user data using Data Anchoring. Files and folders can be “anchored” so they are available to any image the system uses to reboot. This means user files are available up to the point of failure provided they have been identified as anchored files.

Multiple Snapshots and Differentials

Raxco InstantRecovery supports up to 10 snapshots enabling users to capture different system conditions. Each snapshot is bootable and will return the system to the specified system condition. InstantRecovery also supports differential snapshots where only the data that has changed is copied to the target snapshot. All snapshots support the Data Anchoring option.

Export/Import for Backup and Archiving

Raxco InstantRecovery snapshots can be exported to a file for backup or archiving purposes. If predefined container files have been created the user can specify the maximum size of the chunks of data to be exported to each container file. Reciprocally, the specified backup or archive files can be imported back to the system.

Flexible Scheduling

Snapshot updates can be scheduled to run at regular interval using the convenient Scheduling wizard. Multiple schedules can be set for specific times or on a daily or weekly basis. The default snapshot can be used to update multiple target snapshots.

Supported Workstations: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

Supported Servers: Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server, Server 2008/2008 R2, Server 2012/2012 R2.

Homepage http://www.raxco.com/business/products/instantrecovery

Size: 8.64 MB

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Download Raxco InstantRecovery 2.4.0 Build 321

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Download Raxco InstantRecovery Server 2.4.0 Build 321

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